Play Games

Board games are both educational and entertaining. Studies have demonstrated that kids are more receptive to the teaching methods they perceive as fun than techniques without a fun factor. Board games are great in engaging children – by offering a playful, yet competitive environment, they help to focus on content and reinforce the learning experience. The board itself is a practical method for visualizing information. Education is best when it is fun and active!

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Playing a board game develops and improves social skills of a child. It creates a great opportunity for kids to be more social, taking turns and learning to follow rules and to win and lose gracefully.  Playing board games offers a simple, stress-free solution to enhance the emotional, intellectual and social characteristics of children. They learn to make friends easily and play comfortably while they interact with people in a positive way.

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When playing board games, children gradually develop critical thinking which helps them to decide carefully of their actions and the consequences that will occur, methods to win against the opponent, solving abilities, using strategies to overcome opponent's weakness, responding appropriately and enhance kids' memory skills. By pushing young children to think strategically and plan ahead, and to attach abstract thoughts to concrete objects, many games can help develop more-sophisticated thinking skills.

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